2019 - 2022
is an organic company, which will allow you to discover quality organic food in shopping centres. The basis of every internal change is a new view of oneself. In order to change what we consume in a broader perspective, it is necessary to focus more on ourselves first to help the cause. 
Working closely with an architect we created a symbiotic collaboration and implemented brand strategy into the interior design. Since opening in 2019 client got multiple offers for expanding to other shopping centres and business interviews. Launching the rebrand on the market. ​​​​​​​Complete Rebranding.
The realisation of the interior: FESCHU s.r.o
Brand Strategy / trueline
Brand Design
Graphic Design
Implementation of branding to interior
In-store Marketing
The planet is our house, so we should all look after it. We are all able to make small decisions that shape the future of food and our planet. There is no “ever”; we have to start today. We don’t have time or a second, blue-green home.
If a man helps the planet, it will be better for him and humanity. If one is well, one can help the planet better. Eating is closely linked to the environment. We all need to focus on it every day. Take care of your home.
Brand design

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