Over the years, I partner with founders and companies to create new products and ventures. I help them to create memorable experiences through strategic thinking and good design. Specialised in Branding and Innovative approaches for the past seven years, my approach to graphics is mostly focused on minimalist clean graphic design. Graphic work shows itself as a whole, so I pay particular attention to every single detail. 

I like exploring and developing my knowledge about this world in everyday life and activity. The world is changing so rapidly. I believe that my design role is like living organisms. I need to constantly educate myself and observe the changes from a creative point of view. As a designer, I have an important role to play and serve as a middle person who can deliver those findings and observations.  From experience, I believe that the success of a project is based on good collaboration. ​​​​​​​

If you’d like to chat about a potential project, a collaboration or just want to say hi.
Thank you!
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